Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In the beginning

This blog is intended to document the trials and tribulations of an amateur boat builder as I attempt to build a Mike Storer designed Goat Island Skiff from start to finish in just five weeks.  http://www.storerboatplans.com/GIS/GISplan.html

                                                        Goat Island Skiff: Picture from storerboatplans.com

This crazy idea was hatched after much careful research over a period of time and a chance reading of an account by Mike Storer of two gents in Australia who put a basic Goat Island Skiff hull and rigging together in just 10 days.  Of coarse there were two of them, they had professional facilities to work from, the designer himself to ask questions of.  But they had never done anything like that before.  And at least on of them, I wouldn't consider the "handy" type.  At least not to begin with.
So I, with much bravado, the handy guy that I am, should have no problem completing the same achievement by myself in 24 or so dedicated working days spread over 5 weeks.

The Challenge:
       Complete a Goat Island Skiff from start to finish in 5 weeks in time to attend the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival on Sept. 9th-11th in Port Townsend, Washington
The Plan:
      Take vacation on Mondays and Fridays for 4 straight weeks, dedicate that time to boat building.   Also slip in a few hours each remaining work day to complete the boat on time.
      August 5th-8th - Pick up supplies, cut out plywood panels to shape
      August 12th-15th - Assemble sides and bottom
      August 19th-22nd - Gunwales, knees & foils
      August 26th-29th - Tank tops, spars & paint
      Sept 2nd-5th (Holiday weekend) - Sail, trailer, float tests
      Sept 9th-11th - Go to the show!